Final Project

Well, there’s not really a whole lot to say… This is (more than likely) going to be the last post I make on this blog, so I might as well go over the various methods for adding new posts, seeing as how that’s my assignment with this post. The first, and most obvious method is to hover over the blog name in the top left corner of the screen, which will then open a drop-down menu. while hovering over the menu, a button labeled ‘new’ is visible. This opens a sub-menu, which can be used to add a new post, a new page, a new link, or some new media. Once the new post button has been clicked, a screen appears in which the user can add a new post. The second method is to go to the blog’s dashboard, click on the available tools button, which then opens a screen with various tools to make posting easier and more secure. The tools screen contains an option to go to the user’s ‘my blogs’ page, where the user can generate a confidential email address that allows posting directly from an email address by copy/pasting the email address into the recipients bar of an email composition window (coincidentally, that is the same method I’m using right now). The third and final method I’m going to explain is posting by voice. On the ‘my blogs’ page, next to the option to generate a confidential email address, there is also a button that can be used to generate a phone number. Once this number has been created, all the user has to do to post using this method is call the number, enter the access code displayed beneath the phone number, and say what he/she wants. Well, I hope this was helpful to anyone who might read it, and enjoy the rest of your day! (or night; whichever the case may be)

Next Big App

The next big app might be one that allows the user to locate job openings in their area based on the various criteria the user supplies. This app is needed to make finding a job in the user’s area easier than it currently is, as well as to make it easier for businesses to be found by people looking for employment. The group of people who will want to use this app are people who are looking for employment in their area, and want the options presented to appeal to their interests and/or abilities. This app will need to gather job listings from the internet that match the user’s preferred criteria, such as industry, job type, the user’s location and how far he/she is willing to travel, whether the job is part-time or full-time, and desired pay rate. The job openings collected by the app that match the user’s criteria will be displayed in alphabetical order, in order of distance from the user’s location, or pay rate, depending on the user’s preference. The app will have a very minimalist appearance, consisting only of fields to input the user’s criteria, as well as a search button on the main page, and on the results page, aside from the list of openings, there will only be an option to go back and revise some of the criteria, should the user want to, as well as a button to change the order in which the job openings are listed to one which fits the user’s needs better. This app will make people’s lives better by providing a “one-stop-shop” of all the job openings in the user’s area that the user would like to fill, as well as making it easier for businesses to be found by people looking for employment in their area.


For this post, I’m going to put down a joke I heard from one of my friends that I thought was fairly amusing. I’m going to put it here for anyone to use, should you want to. Anyways, on to the joke.

Steve: You know, I had a dream about you last night.
Daniel: Really? What was it about?
Steve: You, Isaac, and myself had all died, and were standing at the gates of Heaven, waiting to get in. While we were standing there, the gate keeper walked up and said, ‘Okay, congratulations on making it to Heaven, but before you go in, there’s one rule. You see, God has these ducks, and He really likes them, so don’t step on them. If you do, then you’ll be punished for all eternity.’ After that, he opened the gate for us to go in, and we all went our own way.
Daniel: Okay, seems interesting so far. What happened next?
Steve: Some time after that, I ran into Isaac, and he had a hideous looking woman handcuffed to his arm. When I asked him why he had that lady chained to his arm, he told me, ‘I stepped on one of God’s ducks.’ I wished him well, and went about my business. The next day, I saw you, and you had a gorgeous woman chained to your arm. When I asked you how you managed to get her chained to your arm, you responded by saying, ‘She stepped on one of God’s ducks.’

Media Links

I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this, other than that it was something that I am required to do for a school project, and so I decided to go with these two selections to embed in my post. The Soundcloud file is the theme from the town that is generally regarded as the creepiest town in the entire game, and The YouTube video is the bicycle theme from Pokémon Red/Blue on the original Nintendo Gameboy.

Math Solution


While I was eating at a Mexican restaurant with my church family, a friend of mine, who is a bit of a nerd, like myself, came up with a math equation and challenged me to solve it. The equation that was given to me by my friend was as follows: X^2=3Y+4

This equation does not have any single solution, as there is more than one variable. Once I got home, I sat down at my computer desk, and began to work on creating a list of possible solutions, and  solved the first six possible solutions.

The first six solutions to that equation were: When X=0, Y=-1.33 When X=1, Y=-1 When X=2, Y=0 When X=3, Y=1.67 When X=4, Y=4 When X=5, Y=7

Once I solved for the fist six possible solutions, I got online, and searched for an algebraic calculator to check my work, which was proven correct.